Electroacoustic Music Studio (SME) of the Academy of Music in Cracow


Founded by Jozef Patkowski in 1973 and noted for its importance as Poland's main didactic computer music facility, the Electro-Acoustic Music Studio at the Cracow Academy of Music was the second major center for electronic music established in Poland since the opening of the Warsaw Polish Radio Experimental Studio in 1957. By the end of 1973, the initial purchases of mostly analog E.M.S. equipment had defined the Studio's basic technical orientation.

Its main educational objective, set by its director, Jozef Patkowski in 1974, was its use in the teaching of a 2-year course in electronic music composition to students in the Conducting, Composition, and Theory Departments as well as course for Ear Training for all students at the Academy. In 1997 studio opened the advanced course for computer music including education over most advanced computer music programs. Studio facilities were utilized by faculty and invited composers including: Dennis Anderson, Marcos Battistuzzi, Mateusz Bien, Marek Choloniewski, Marcel Chyrzynski, Gloria Coats, Martin Davies, Magdalena Dlugosz, Anna Dudzinska, Hector Fiore, Bartlomiej Gliniak, Piotr Halasa, Eero Hameenniemi, Ryan Ingebritsen, Kerry Kenny, Michail Kirkoff, Krzysztof Knittel, Hanna Kulenty, Hye-Won Lee, Charles Lipp, Enrique Macias, Anna Maciejasz-Kaminska, Mehdi Menjiqi, Mario Arenas Navarrette, Keir Neuringer, Andrea Pensado, Eugeniusz Poplawski, Kazimierz Pyzik, Isidore Rudnick, Jozef Rychlik, Boguslaw Schaeffer, Pekka Siren, Joanna Stepalska, Pawel Szymanski, Ewa Trebacz, Joanna Wnuk-Nazar, Barbara Zawadzka, Anna Zawadzka-Golosz, Lidia Zielinska and Pawel Ziolo. The Studio has also been involved in the production of music for film, theater, tv and radio.

Since 1976, the studio faculty has presented a series of concerts (over 60 to date) which have given an outlet for the performance of the works of excellent composers from Cracow and the world. The following composers and performers have been guests of the Cracow Studio: Kevin Austin, Richard Boulanger, Roman Berger, Lars Gunner Bodin, Krzysztof Czaja, Charles Dodge, Juraj Duris, Lejaren Hiller, Pierre Alain Jaffrennou, Wilfried Jentzsch, Zbigniew Karkowski, Tadeusz Kassatti, Thomas Kessler, Daniel Kientzy, Piotr Kleczkowski, Wlodzimierz Kotonski, Stanislaw Krupowicz, Henryk Kusniak, David Mason, Robin Minard, Yann Orlarey, Mark Polishook, Krzysztof Szlifirski, Daniel Teruggi, Iannis Xenakis, and Peter Zinovieff.

Magdalena Dlugosz Barbara Zawadzka Magdalena Dlugosz Marek Choloniewski Krzysztof Knittel

1989 witnessed a turning point in the history of the Studio when the American Fulbright Foundation began a program at the Cracow Academy of Music. Over the next eight years, five experts in the field of computer music, Dr. Ira Mowitz, Dr. Richard Boulanger, Dr. Cindy McTee, Dr. Rodney Oakes and Dr. Mark Polishook installed a complete computer music system based on the Macintosh computer, and gave a series of lectures, seminars, concerts, and TV and radio programs concerning the history, technology and aesthetics of computer music. The following people and organizations funded the acquisition of additional equipment: Berklee College of Music, Stendal Foundation, Dr Richard Boulanger, David Mason, Mark of the Unicorn, Shareware Music Machine, Coda Music Technology. In 1991 studio initiated and organized in collaboration with the Warsaw Academy of Music annual Courses for Computer Music as an additional educational project: Cracow 1991, Warsaw 1992, Katowice 1993, Warsaw 1994.

Mateusz Bien Michal Pawelek Marcin Strzelecki Marcin Paczkowski

Between July 3 - 7, 2000 studio was the cooperator of Acanthes workshops realized by IRCAM/Paris - the join-project between 3 European Culture Capitols: Cracow, Helsinki and Avignion (host city of Acanthes workshops). Since 2000 Studio has been arranging series of .Audio Art. lectures and seminars. A number of young students at the electronic music studio in Cracow Academy have been invited to work in renown European and American computer music centres.

In 2001 Multimedia Studio was founded opening new significant structure of research, education and artistic activity including video, Internet, audiovisual and experimental activity.

In 2003 Studio in its 30th anniversary was a part of European project Ensemble Spiel coordinated by Music für heute in Hannover.

In 2004/2005 the new Interactive Multimedia Laboratory extended the current studio research and fascilities.

In May 2005 SME initiated the procedure of establish The Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music (PSeME), part of the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music in Bourges (CIME) supported by UNESCO. September 22, 2005 during General Assembly of CIME in Lisboa Poland became the full member of International Confederation for Electroacoustic Music.

In 2006 SME became a cooperator of European Course for Musical Composition and Technologies, project supervised by IRCAM in Paris as a part of the Leonardo da Vinci program supported by European Comission. The project is a cooperation between 8 selected European centres and is dedicated for new standard in education joining composition with new technologies.
In December 2006 SME coordinated the Polish-American Festival for Electroacoustic Music in Krakow, project initiated and supervised by Ben Boretz and Dorota Czerner, together with the Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music, supported by Trust for Mutual Understanding.

In 2007 SME together with PSeME coordinates the 50th Anniversary of Polish electroacoustic music.

Since 2008 Studio offered residences of Gaude Polonia program coordinated by National Culture Center. 
SME cooperates with many electronic music and intermedia centers all over the world.
Since 2009 SME cooperates with new Recording Studio coordinated by Mateusz Kobialka and Kamil Madon. Al recodings are available at Concerts tab.

On March 26, 2011 in a concert of ElektroNova Orchestra Laptop Orchestra (portable computer is used as a equivalent of traditional acoustic instrument, with volume and frequence band limit) performed collaborative composition GlobaMix 1998/2011. Laptop as acoustic instrument and element of space sound installation. Orchestra ElektroNova became a part of audio art activity by time and space extension.

In February 2012 GrupLab collective started a regular activity exploring selected technologies of audio art, presenting result of their experiments in form of public presentations. On February 2012 first concert of Oscilator Ensemble using self-built simple electronic devices was arranged. Later a regular activity every month on 27th was initiatied as a immenent part of Cage Year, finnied by Jon Cage (Man, Work, Paradox) international conference (16-18.10.2012).

In 2013 GrupLab performed series of concerts on the 100th Anniversary of Noise Art by Luigi Russolo Laptop Ensemble - February 26, Noise Orchestra - March 26, Vibrator Ensemble - April 26, Vibrating intonarumor - May 26, Allaloa by Adam Walaciński - June 26, Formula by Royji Ikeda - July 26, Claude Debussy and Witold Lutoslawski - August 26, Orchestra of Disabled Instruments - September 26 and Failed Concert - October 26. All concert was a part of a collaboration betweeb Studio of Electroacoustic Music and Polish Society of Eletroacoustic Music. Autumn conference was arranged about Resonance phenomena, acoustic, cultural ... (10-12.10.2013).

Since Febraury 26 till September 26 2014 every month (and later also October 26) eight Nishe concerts were realized as a unique opening of unknown space under audiotorium platform. Alternative and exprimental activity by Nisha conference in October and Audio Art Festival in November. New initiative of GrupLab meetings every week in 2015 was a regular impro-session seires called Plejrek, also concerts in Solvay as well as at the Bunkier Sztuki and Kawiarnia Naukowa.

After a series of events called "Concert without audience" (last one on May 13, 2015 at 4.33 A.M.) the new series reNew? was initiated with focus on motionimmobility/kineza/tactile closed by conference Audiokineza - sound space kinetics (13-15.10.2016).

In 2017 variable ensembles performed impro-sessions Plejrek in Krakow and abroad: in Lviv, part of Vox Electronica festival (3.04.2017), and in Kiev, part of International Workshops of Electroacoustic Music (9.04.2017).

Studio coordinates residences of the Erasmus Internship program for foreign students, mainly from Europe.

In 2012 Studio was an initiator of cooperation between Academy of Music in Kraków and Lousiville University with regular students exchange.

Since 2012 Studio has arranged annual conferences in October:

1. paradoxal John Cage - Man - Work, Paradox (16-18.10.2012)
2. noisy Resonance in Luigi Russolo Year (10-13.10.2013)
3. alternative space Nisha (10-12.10.2014)
4. kinetics Audiokineza (13-15.10.2016)
5. virtual Imersja (13-15.10.2017)
6. networking Network (13.10.2018)

* 3D video recordings available with Google Cardboard by using any mobile browser in full-screen mode


Electroacoustic Music Studio has launched its series of concerts "Electronic Music" in 1975.
In 2001, the concert business profile studies was extended to forms of audiovisual, network design, interactive art and video.
This character has launched the 2005 series of concerts Intermedium / Intermedia, in which the visual forms are presented on a par with electroacoustic music.
Since 2008 he is the center of electronic music for the scholarship program Gaude Polonia of National Cultural Centre.
In 2009, the Studio has launched a new series of concerts ElektroNova Orchestra, a band of varying composition and performing music on improvised audiovisual projects, theater performances, intermedia, which uses publicly available and non-standard technologies.
In 2011 the team began activity of Laptop Orchestra, where portable computer is treated as a substitute for traditional acoustic instrument, without amplification, with limited volume and frequency band. So the laptop is treated as an "acoustic" instrument, as a component of space sound installation and net-art projects.
In 2012, during Cage Year the the GrupLab and Oscylator Ensemble appeared as a part of new scientific activity of SME.
New initiatives in 2013 was Noise Laptop Ensemble and Noise Orchestra, part of Luigi Russolo Year. In 2014 Nishe concerts were describing new concept of Sound Space, and 2015 Plejrek are the series of free impro activity.


February 20 - Academy of  Music

GrupLab - Plejrek 157 audio

Francesco Altilio, Marek Chołoniewski, Elio Greggio, Justin Grize, Katarina Gryvul, Maryana Klochko, William Lamkin, Mirjana Nardelli, Margarida Sampaio

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

February 13 - Solvay

GloSpat 219

Katarina Gryvul - Messy Sounds audio video

Maryana Klochko - One & Two audio video

Mirjana Nardelli & Francesco Altilio - audio video1 video2

Elio Greggio - Untitled 2 audio video

Łukasz Stefański - audio video video2

Lorenzo Brusci, Yurij Bulka, Myroslaw Trofymuk

GrupLab - Plejrek 156 audio video

Francesco Altilio, Lorenzo Brusci, Jurij Bulka, Marek Chołoniewski, Deokin Ko, Elio Greggio, Katarina Gryvul, Maryana Klochko, Artur Lis, Beata Madej, Piotr Madej, Mirjana Nardelli, Maria Olbrychtowicz, Adam Rzepecki, Piotr Semkowicz, Łukasz Stefański, Myroslaw Trofymuk, Jin Woo, Xing Yuqiekenao

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

February 6 - Intermedia

GrupLab - Plejrek 155 audio

Lorenzo Brusci, Zeno Brusci, Marek Chołoniewski, Justin Grize, Artur Lis, Piotr Madej, Maria Olbrychtowicz, Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski,  Sofija Pasalic

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

January 30 - Academy of Music

GrupLab - Plejrek 154 audio

Marek Chołoniewski, Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski, Anna Janikova, Jan Jindrich Karasek, Abrin Nayabiwgue, Yocheved Ochayon, Sofija Pasalic

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

January 23 - Academy of Music

GrupLab - Plejrek 153 audio

Bożena Boba-Dyga, Marek Chołoniewski, Justin Grize, Anna Janikova, Yocheved Ochayon, Artur Lis, Sofija Pasalic

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

January 9 - Academy of Music

GrupLab - Plejrek 152 audio

Bożena Boba-Dyga, Marek Chołoniewski, Yocheved Ochayon, Artur Lis, Abrin Nayabiwgue, Sofija Pasalic, Penizot, Olivera Vorkapić

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski


December 12 - Academy of Music

GrupLab - Plejrek 151 audio

Marek Chołoniewski, Simon Holden, Piotr Madej, Sebastien Vaillancourt

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

December 5 - Academy of Music

GrupLab - Plejrek 150 audio

Bożena Boba-Dyga, Marek Chołoniewski, Simon Holden, Artur Lis

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

November 28 - Academy of Music

GrupLab - Plejrek 149 audio

Mateusz Bednarz, Marek Chołoniewski, Simon Holden, Artur Lis, Myroslaw Trofymuk, Sebastien Vaillancourt

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

November 23 - Hevre

Audio Art Festival

GrupLab invites - Plejrek 148 audio video

Bożena Boba-Dyga, Lorenzo Brusci, Simone Castellan, Marek Chołoniewski, Julia Dyga, Konrad Gęca, Katarina Gryvul, Simon Holden, Yocheved Ochayon, Artur Lis, Piotr Madej, Abrin Nayabiwgue, Sofija Pasalic, Karolina Probosz, Tomasz Przewrocki, Myroslaw Trofymuk, Kacper Ziemianin

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

November 21 - Academy of Music

GrupLab - Plejrek 147 audio

Bożena Boba-Dyga, Francesco Capanni, Marek Chołoniewski, Julia Dyga, Konrad Gęca,  Katarina Gryvul, Simon Holden, Anna Janikova, Yocheved Ochayon, Sofija Pasalic, Denim Szram, Stanisław Zaremba

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

November 16 - 25 - Festiwal Audio Art

Audio Art Conference

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

November 14 - Academy of Music

GrupLab - Plejrek 146 audio

Bożena Boba-Dyga, Marek Chołoniewski, Konrad Gęca,  Simon Holden, Artur Lis, Edyta Mąsior, Abrin Nayabiwgue, Yocheved Ochayon, Sofija Pasalic

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

November 7 - Academy of Music

GrupLab - Plejrek 145 audio

Marek Chołoniewski, Simon Holden, Edyta Mąsior, Yocheved Ochayon, Sofija Pasalic, Nastia Vorobiova

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

October 31 - Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 144 audio
Lorenzo Brusci, Marek Chołoniewski, Simon Holden, Artur Lis
coordination: Marek Choloniewski

October 17 października - Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek
 143 audio
Nayabiwgue Abrin, Bożena Boba-Dyga, Marek Chołoniewski, Simon Holden, Artur Lis, Yocheved Ochayon, Sofia Pasalic
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

October 14 października - Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 142 audio
in frame of Krakow Accordion Festival
Chris Bevan, Bożena Boba-Dyga, Chris Cutler, Marek Chołoniewski, Irena Emilewicz, Simon Holden, Marcin Gruba, Artur Lis, Piotr Madej, Czet Minkus, Ewa Sonnenberg, Myroslaw Trofymuk, Maciej Zimka
coordination: Bożena Boba-Dyga

October 13 - Academy of Music
Network Conference
Marek Chołoniewski - Otwarcie - Projekty gloalne i sieciowe / Global and network projects video
Chris Cutler - Performance formą negocjacji / Performance as a form of negotation video
Dariusz Mazurowski/Paweł Zagańczyk - Accordionic - muzyka na akordeon w elektronicznej sieci / Accordionic - music for accordion in an electronic network video
Chris Bevan - Nauczyć się mówić: W poszukiwaniu głosu kompozycyjnego / Learning to speak: In search of a compositional voice video
Lorenzo Brusci - Inteligencja sieci i inne metafory operacyjne / Network-Intelligence & Other Operational Metaphors video
Myroslaw Trofymuk - Projekt NIEzależność / INdependence project video
Ryan Ingebritsen - There is Nothing Absolutely More Lonely video
Beniamin Głuszek - Neuromuzyka w sieci / Network of Neuromusic video

Mauricio Valdes San Emeterio - moz-art global -art video

Artur Lis - My Network doesn't network
Sébastien Vaillancourt - Połączenie dźwięku i ruchu z użyciem sensora IMU / Connecting sound and movement with an IMU motion sensor video

Sarah Weaver - NowNet: History and current projects video

koncert / concert

Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski - Pole magnetyczne / Magnetic Field video

Simon Holden - Alarum Bells audio

Chris Cutler - Circulations audio

Chris Bevan - Shadow/Break audio

Ryan Ingebristen - SentientObjectPart video

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

October 10
- Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 141 audio
Chris Bevan, Marek Chołoniewski, Irka Emilewicz, Simon Holden, Piotr Madej, Nastia Vorobiova
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski
October 3
- Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 140 audio
Nayabiwgue Abrin, Mateusz Bednarz, Bożena Boba-Dyga, Marek Chołoniewski, Irena Emilewicz, Simon Holden, Artur Lis, Edyta Mąsior, Theo Michel, Yocheved Ochayon, Sofia Pasalic, Marcin Pączkowski, Hieronim Rzepa
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

September 13
- Solvay
Network 918
Karolina Probosz/Tomasz Przewrocki - World  video
Mateusz Bednarz - sort of mindfulness video

GrupLab - Plejrek 139 video

Karolina Probosz, Mateusz Bednarz, Marek Chołoniewski, Artur Lis,, Jaro Tochowicz, Tomasz Przewrocki

Piotr Madej - Organiczne skrupuły suflera video

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

August 13
- Solvay
Network 818
Anton Stuk -  Not environmentally friendly track ( 2018) audio
Mathew Adkins - Silk to Street (2005) CIME
Who?What?Where?When?Why? (2018) video
Kaja Szwarnóg - przekroczenie 1 (2018) audio
Joanna Stępalska-Spix - Pranayama for oboe, English Horn, voice and computer (1984) PSeME video
    -    Olga Szwajgier - głos/voice
    -    Mariusz Pędziałek - oboe, rożek angielski/oboe, English Horn
    -    Marek Chołoniewski - komputer/computer
performance 13.12.2014 - Malerwinkel, Rattenberg, Muzyka Centrum Metamorphoses
Alvin Lucier - I’m sitting in a room (1969) audio
Plejrek 138 audio video
Marek Chołoniewski, Karol Dewera, Irena Emilewicz, Katarina Gryvul, Krzysztof Klima, Tomasz Przewrocki, Jorg Spix, Joanna Stępalska-Spix, Anton Stuk, Kaja Szwarnóg, Bartek Wadia
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

July 13 - Solvay
Network 718
Lorenzo Ballerini - Perseverance 
Piotr Bednarczy - beat 
Katarina Gryvul - a day that could have existed  
Myriam Sirvan/Milad Bagheri - NUM-Isolated Room 
Karolina Probosz/Tomasz Przewłocki - Dark Swamp 041 
pussy mantra > GrupLab with Brian Kaczynski - Plejrek 137 
audio video
Bożena Boba-Dyga, Marek Chołoniewski, Katarina Gryvul, Brian Kaczynski, Nikodem Kupczyński, Marta Nawrot, Tomasz Przewrocki, Irena Emilewicz, Nastia Vorobiova, Jagoda Wójtowicz
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

July 4
- Intermedia
GrupLab - 
Plejrek 136
Bożena Boba-Dyga, Marek Chołoniewski, Katarina Gryvul, Brian Kaczynski, Wiktoria Kaczynska, Nikodem Kupczyński
koordynacja: Marek Chołoniewski

June 29
- Maszyce Festival
GrupLab - 
Plejrek 135 audio video 
Marek Chołoniewski, Konrad Gęca, Katarina Gryvul, Nikodem Kupczyński, Artur Lis - 

coordination: Wojtek Ratajczak, Marek Chołoniewski

June 27
- Academy of Music
GrupLab - 
Plejrek 134
Marek Chołoniewski, Irena Emilewicz, Katarina Gryvul, Nikodem Kupczyński, Artur Lis
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

June 22, 23, 24, 26 - Old Theater
Audiencja 89 - Koncert Muzyka Centrum+GrupLab
Bogusław Schaeffer - Media
Marek Chołoniewski, Jan Pilch, Mariusz Pędziałek, Katarina Gryvul (22, 26.06), Marcin Krzyżanowski (23, 24, 26.06), Piotr Madej, Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski, Mariusz Czarnecki, Olga Szwajgier, Bożena Boba-Dyga (22,23,24.06), Artur Lis, Kazimierz Pyzik, Dominika Peszko
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

June 13
- Solvay
Network 618
Krzysztof Gawlas - Pick it up 
audio video
Katarina Gryvul - allowed to remember 
Piotr Madej - ... bueluel ... 
audio video
Mateusz Bednarz - stady
GrupLab - Plejrek 133 
Bożena Boba-Dyga, Marek Chołoniewski, Krzysztof Gawlas, Katarina Gryvul, Piotr Madej, Tomasz Przewrocki
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski
June 6
- Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 132
Bożena Boba-Dyga, Marek Chołoniewski, Katarina Gryvul, Monika Skibińska
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski 

May 30 - Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 131
Bożena Boba-Dyga, Marek Chołoniewski, Katarina Gryvul, Artur Lis, Aleksandra Pancerz,  Jan Rostworowski

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

May 23 maja 
- Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 130 audio1 audio 2 audio 3
Katarina Gryvul, Auden Lincoln-Vogel, Dawid Woźniak
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski  

May 22
- Tbilisi Music Conservatoire
GrupLab - Plejrek 129 audio video
Marek Chołoniewski, Tamar Putkaradze

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski 

May 16
- Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 128
Bożena Boba-Dyga, Marek Chołoniewski, Katarina Gryvul, Adrian Konarski, Auden Lincoln-Vogel, Anastasia Vorobiova, Dawid Woźniak
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski
May 13
- Solvay
Network 518
Lidia Zielińska - Tańce polskie wg księdza Baki audio video, Insektarion video
Bożena Boba-Dyga, Julia Dyga - Utwór na głos i gest audio video
Mathius Shadow-Sky - ... audio video
Katarina Gryvul - Damal
GrupLab - Plejrek 127
Bożena Boba-Dyga, Marek Chołoniewski, Julia Dyga, Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski, Katarina Gryvul, Mathius Shadow-Sky

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski
12 maja
 - Solaris - National Center of Synchrotron Radiation
UJ Day in cooperation with Intermedia Department Fine Arts Academy in Krakow
Akcja Rotacja ! / Action Ronation !
music - program audio 
coordination: Grzegorz Biliński, Marek Chołoniewski, Mariusz Front

May 9
- Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 126
Marek Chołoniewski, Katarina Gryvul, Artur Lis, Dominika Peszko, Marcin Strzelecki

koordynacja: Marek Chołoniewski

April 22
- NowNet Arts Conference
Stony Brook University, Nowy Jork
Marek Chołoniewski - Virtual is Real
Franciszek Araszkiewicz / Marek Chołoniewski - Double Brain
coordination: Sarah Weaver

April 19 - MOCAK
Koktajl Elektroniczny / Electropni Coctail
Wiaczeslaw Kyrylov - hold on audio video 
- Izabela Żurczak (basethorm)
- Łukasz Laxy (cello)
Paweł Malinowski - C'mon join to joyride audio video
- Teoniki Rożynek, Krzysztof Augustyn, Julina Gołosz (cassette tape recorders)
Dominika Peszko/Marcin Strzelecki/Katerina Gryvul - Pomp-on audio video
- Dominika Peszko (keyboard)
- Marcin Strzelecki (guitar, electronics)
- Katerina Gryvul (violin)
Monika Szpyrka - zero waste tip 2: don't waste the tips video
Julian Gołosz - Church Music #2 audio video
- Krzysztof Augustyn (keyboards)
Julia Janiak - Etiuda audio video
- Julia Janiak (voice)
Katerina Gryvul - Damal audio
GrupLab - Plejrek 125 audio video
- Bożena Boba-Dyga, Mateusz Bednarz, Monika Buller, Marek Chołoniewski, Katerina Gryvul, 
Artur Lis, Radosław Mosurek, Tomasz Przewrocki
Kaja Szwarnóg - Roundabout - ambisonic installation

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski
April 13 - Solvay
Network 418
Auden Lincoln-Vogel - Octet for Alto Beer Bottles audio video
Łukasz Stefański - no title audio video
Monika Skibińska - zaraz Panu podam tytuł / in a moment I will give You a title audio video
Katarzyna Jarząb - Scraps and lines audio video
GrupLab - Plejrek 124 audio video
Marek Chołoniewski, Kaja Szwarnóg, Auden Lincoln-Vogeol, Piotr Madej, Edyta Mąsior, Łukasz Stefański, Bartek Wadiak
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

April 11 - Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 123
Bożena Boba-Dyga, Marek Chołoniewski, Marcin Ciszewski,  Katarina Gryvul, Auden Lincoln-Vogel, Łukasz Stec, Dawid Woźniakowski

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

April 4 - Intermedia Krzemionki
GrupLab - Plejrek 122
Mateusz Bednarz, Bożena Boba-Dyga, Francesco Capanni, Marek Chołoniewski, Karol Dewera, Katarina Gryvul, Nikodem Kupczyński, Dominika Peszko, Tomek Przewrocki, Marcin Strzelecki, 
Geos Art Ura
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski
March 28 - Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 121
Bożena Boba-Dyga, Francesco Capanni, Mario Castillo, Marek Chołoniewski, Julia Dyga, Katarina Gryvul, No Lamp Art, Auden Lincoln-Vogel, Dominika Peszko, Daniel Rubio

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski
March 21 - Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 120
Artek No Artek, Francesco Capanni, Marek Chołoniewski, Aleksandra Gimein, Katarina Gryvul, Auden Lincoln-Vogel, Juan de Lis, Piotr Madej, Daniel Rubio, Dawid W., Stanisław Zaremba

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

March 13
- Solvay 
Network 318 webcast
Krzysztof Gawlas - untitled audio video video3D
Katarina Gryvul - Denaturatus audio
Lorenzo Brusci - Obsession Redemption Projection audio video
no art - half noise half holo video
Francesco Capanni / Katarina Gryvul - 
moвa audio video video3D
GrupLab - Plejrek 119 audio
Natalia Balska, Lorenzo Brusci, Marek Chołoniewski, Krzysztof Gawlas, Santra Gimein, Katarina Gryvul, Marcin Strzelecki, Anna Tzortzi

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

March 7 - Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 118
Bożena Boba-Dyga, 
Lorenzo Carmelo Brusci Bene, Francesco Capanni, Marek Chołoniewski, Marcin Gierat, Aleksandra Gimein, Katarina Gryvul, Auden Lincoln-Vogel, Tomek Przewrocki
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

March 6
- Alchemia
Mark Alban Lotz (flety, elektronika), Rafał Mazur (gitara basowa), Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski (flety, saksofon sopranowy), Marek Chołoniewski (elektronika)
coordination: Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski

February 28 - Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 117
Daniela Bazzi, Francesco Capanni, Marek Chołoniewski, Lucyna Pegaz, Denisa Slavkovska, Śominika, Joanna Warchał

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

February 25
- Academy of Music
Opening of 130th Anniversary - Reminder of 120th Anniversary - Kalendarium
February 21
- Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 116
Mateusz Bednarz, Bożena Boba-Dyga, Francesco Capanni, Marek Chołoniewski, Guilhermen Curado, Karol Dewera, Katarina Gryvul, noart, Auden Lincoln-Vogel, Domi Peszko, Paweł Siek, Yiannis Sotiriou, Anna Tzortei
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski 

February 14
- Academy of Music
GrupLab - Plejrek 115
Aleksander Bączkowski, Bożena Boba-Dyga, Francesco Capanni, Simone Castellan, Marek Chołoniewski, Katarina Gryvul, Dominika Peszko

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

February 13 - Solvay
Network 218
Mateusz Bednarz/Jan Pamuła - Grafika konkretna video
Simone Castellan - silence audio video
Francesco Capanni - il buio audio video video3D

GrupLab - Plejrek 114 - audio
Mateusz Bednarz, Lorenzo Brusci?, Jurij Bulka, Francesco Capanni, Simone Castellan, Marek Chołoniewski, Edyta Mąsior, Marcin Strzelecki, Anton Stuk
coordination: Marek Chołoniewski  

February 7
- Intermedia
GrupLab - Plejrek 113 - audio video
Lorenzo Brusci, Mirta Brusci, Zeno Brusci, Francesco Capanni, Simone Castellan, Marek Chołoniewski, noł ard, Maciej Majcherczyk

coordination: Marek Chołoniewski

January 31